The whole child; and nothing but the child.

Your child is more than the sum total of his academic achievements.

His social and emotional well being is what Mounts academic success. If he's sitting in a classroom he can and should feel like an active part of the learning experience.

To Mount is to guarantee that he will.

Driven by Educators.

Steeped in academic know-how, our agency director boasts an impressive resume of methodology development in the special education arena.

The Naaleh Method, brings an academic reputation and an unprecedented track record of progress, giving the children under his care a key advantage.

An umbrella of progress.

The services we provide work hand-in-hand with the
execution of our own educational method.

Every aspect of the process rests on us giving you a
single source of raw expertise.




Goal Setting

Goal Execution


They couldn’t agree more.

Mount providers’ school of thought.

Love What You Do

A Mount provider is more than just credentials.

We employ providers with a fierce passion, a committed worth ethic, and a deep desire for making a difference.

Learn from the best

Hands on biweekly training workshops make for consistent upgrades in clinical quality and provide you with access to expert guidance for ongoing professional development.

Partner with Mount

Joining Mount is more than a career, it’s a family.

We are personally invested in your success and take pride in creating a warm work environment.

Here with you and for you.

In Mount, you won’t find an agency. You will find a partner.

As a parent you deserve to be included at every step of the way. It is through your full involvement and cooperation that we succeed in bringing your child to the next level.

Full collaboration with the school is a key factor in the progress of the child. Mount teams up with your child's school and remains in the picture until every milestone is reached.

Time for liftoff.